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Professional & Cost-Effective Well Drilling Services in Ingram, TX    

Tucker-Bass Pump Service is the oldest well drilling company serving Ingram, TX, and surrounding areas within 60 miles. We’ve serviced homes and businesses with well installations, water treatment systems, reliable repairs, and more for nearly 75 years. No matter how complicated the job is, we always find a solution because we’re a team that cares about customer satisfaction.

Water Treatment Systems

Are you experiencing hard water in your home? Common signs of hard water include strange brown and red stains, an overabundance of soap scum, low water pressure, clogged pipes, and skin irritation. If you have hard water in your home, we’ll install a water treatment system that will soften your water. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your life. 

Well Drilling

Choose our experts at Tucker-Bass Pump Service for professional and reliable well drilling services. Having a well means having a cleaner groundwater supply and a clear separation between your septic system and drinking water. When you hire us for your well drilling services, we’ll inspect your property, find the best location for your well, and properly install it. You can trust our team to get the job done efficiently, thoroughly, and safely. 

Water System Repairs

Beyond well installations and other well drilling services, our team can repair well damage, replace submersible pumps, and more. We always use high-quality products in our repairs and replacements, guaranteeing longevity and efficiency. In addition to providing reliable repairs, we will also test the quality of your water to ensure your system is in working condition. 

Well Drilling

Well Installations

Water Treatment System Installation

Water System Repairs

Replacement Pipes

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Whether you need a better water treatment system or new well drilling services on your property, you can rely on Tucker-Bass Pump Services for exceptional professionalism. Call us today to schedule your services.

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